[Harp-L] Dennis Gruenling's Xmas radio show (Thurs. 12/19)

  Just a heads up for what may be a great Christmas radio show by our much admired harp playing cohort, Dennis Gruenling.  Dennis has a weekly show at the radio station of Fairleigh Dickinson University, WFDU FM.  Every Thursday from 1 to 3:45 PM (EST), Dennis plays great blues and R&B music from his personal record collection.  Needless to say, much of the music contains harmonica.  The radio station itself continually broadcasts some of the most interesting music I could hope to find.  I particularly like their blues, country, and bluegrass shows. 
  So tomorrow (Thurs., 12/19), being the week before Christmas, I expect to hear some great old Xmas blues and R&B - lots of unusual stuff that you won't hear anywhere else.  To listen, go to http://wfdu.fm and click the "Listen" button at the top. Choose to listen live or you can listen to the show(s) for up to two weeks if you choose the "Show Archives" button.  I personally listen via the archives so I can pause the music at will.
  Write yourself a note - if history repeats itself again this year, tomorrow's show promises to be a fun listening experience.
Ron - FL Keys

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