[Harp-L] Delay with true bypass

The V1 definitely has an impact on tone that most blues players would actually enjoy.  It eats some of the highs and you end up with less high end cut.  This could be characterized as adding warmth.  I have the V2 which also takes a little edge off, almost like a compressor.  That is a characteristic of old school analog delays.  It hasn't been until recently that guitarists started to go after analog warmth with essentially a dry thru on the base tone.

You can hear the effects of the V2, Flat Cat, and Harp Break on core tone here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fykAukzQJ8

The order of pedals can impact the overall balance of stuff too...as can mic.  Gear gets complicated fast.  I have enjoyed the dry thru settings on the Line 6 pedals.  Although, they are digital.  

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