[Harp-L] circle of fifths

all this will become really simple if you have a piano keyboard, midi controller keyboard.... any piano-esque instrument, and you'll realize how easy the piano players have it compared to players of instruments that are not piano.

you'll also quickly realize that chords like Cm7, are pretty much the same as Eb maj 7, Gm7, and even  Bb maj 7

the keyboard is your friend, and it's a whole lot easier to see and hear what's what if you always have the keyboard nearby

let your fingers do the walking.

One of the biggest mistakes that my parents made, other than just imbuing me with a slightly "off"  sense of humor and a dislike of soft cheeses, was letting me quit piano lessons.
They made up for it with that "gift of life" thing, though, and I appreciate them for that.


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>> Does anyone have a mnemonic they use to remember the Circle of Fifths?

jon kip

player of music, mostly written by dead people and played on a toy that everybody's Uncle except my nephew's has the good sense to keep safely out of sight in a drawer.

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