Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Tuning Sequence - always tune last

You should always tune last. Everything else affects tuning. If you do anything after tuning, your tuning will change.

If tuning is changing the gap, you might look at how your doing the tuning. 

First, you need to support the reed with a feeler gauge or similar thin but stiff shim. 

Then, you need sharp enough tools that you can remove metal with minimal pressure. Good sharp files or a sanding detailer with fresh grit will let you tune with minimal pressure.

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I have not done embossing, but no matter how careful I am during tuning it affects the gap.  I would tune first and reset gaps last In case other operations chage the gap.

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I am going to attempt customizing & tuning my own harmonicas (Seydel 1847, Hohner Special 20, & Bushman Delta Frost) for playing mostly Blues. I have the Lee Oskar tool kit, the Rupert Oysler DVD's, the Harmonica Einstein's Tuning Table and the Seydel Setup Pack. I am ready to start practicing on an old Hohner. Is there a particular order to follow for tuning, setting the offset & curvature and finally embossing? In other words, should I set the offset and curvature first and then tune and finally emboss? Any help or advise would be appreciated.


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