RE: [Harp-L] Circle of Fifths (Circle of Fourths) and Positions

> Does anyone have a mnemonic they use to remember the Circle of Fifths?
I'm sorry, but I don't have such a mnemonic. That probably would be helpful. If you find one or (better yet)  create one, please share it with the Harp-L group.

I found that (somehow) after a few months of using the Circle of Fifths tool and looking at it immediately  before each song, I could remember the relationships in terms of the
I, IV and V chords. Now I just glance at it for a "refresher" if needed for an uncommon
key or one of the modes that I don't use often. I also use it if I have to decipher all of the notes in a particular key (for a guitar player, usually).

Good luck!
Crazy Bob 		 	   		  

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