[Harp-L] Re: Harplock?

Just wonderingâ. anybody used the Harplock magnetic harmonica holderâ How  
well does it work for playing two instruments?
Grant, the inventor generously sent me a few Harplocks to add to  the 2013 
SPAH raffle.  I checked them out beforehand and found that  the magnet was 
very strong, it held the harp firmly in place.  It quickly  and easily 
mounted to an SM58... no tools needed.   It is a  simple uncluttered design that 
seems to work quite well.   Some won't like the angle and position of the 
harp relative to the mic, others  will think it's just right.  It's not very 
expensive, I say go for  it!  
Christopher Richards
Harmonica Planet .com

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