Re: [Harp-L] audix Fireball V + RP355

Ken Hidlebrand wrote:
<Can't you put the transformer on the mic with the proper cable instead of the RP unit ?
<    On Saturday, December 14, 2013 6:56 PM, Robert Hale <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<    Does the Audix Fireball V terminate in an XLR connector, and require a Low
<to High Transformer into the RP355?
<I'm concerned about the 3-inch stack sticking out the back of
< the RP, and
<its vulnerablility to damage on stage.

This is no different from using any other lo-z mic with any other hi-z (amp) input: you need a lo-z to hi-z transformer somewhere between the mic and the amp.

I used to use a rat-tail transformer on the end of my mic cable.  Now I run the mic through a Samson wireless transmitter recommended by Greg Heumann at, and I run a 1/4" line from the Samson to the RP. Greg usually advises his clients to put a transformer on the XLR output from the Samson, but I haven't had any issues with the 1/4" output. 

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