[Harp-L] CX 12s and their sticky notes.


I have one CX12 in D. The tone is very good; seems like these are very nice
reeds. It got banged up and was refurbished by Hohner. I play various kinds
of harps in song arrangements and devote much of my harmonica time to
Celtic based traditional tunes, jigs reels etc., for which I prefer
tremolos when the tune is diatonic or its timing allows for a fast switch
of keys. I'd like to be able to use the CX 12 for some of this work, but it
is not now nor ever has been a reliable enough instrument to play publicly.
There is simply no way of predicting when notes will stick, so the best
playing will usually be marred by the sound of grossly out of time notes.
I've never explored harmonica repairs...probably should start...but I'm
wondering if anyone has solved this problem.  Hohner....AHHRG...
Of the two harps they have that I'd like to use, one doesn't work right,
the CX12, and the other, the XB40, which I think is a great instrument, has
been discontinued.

John Coster

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