[Harp-L] lost post?

hi.... I'm still having trouble getting my posts posted....

I've spoken to Slim about it, and he had some suggestions, but still some posts seem to be getting lost.

I can't see any consistent differences between the posts that  post and the ones that fail to post...

Not a big deal, but curious.

Here's the last one that did not appear online

subject was
more about efficient practicing

and the content is pasted below.... please see if you see any reason for the non-posting of the emails to the list

It's not all that important, and once my site opens, I'll put all the info there, but it's just curious....

Plain text, short posts, some post and some don't

a mystery, and any help would be appreciated.... thanks

here's the missing post

> One other thing that's helpful is to, whenever you're practicing, and consider stopping the practice session, to examine what you were doing just before the thought of "Oh, gee, I really should paint the house" or "I'll just go online and check out the harmonica forum to see what's the latest in how to put magnets into my instrument to make it play more right notes and/or attract more groupies".....came into your mind.
> In fact, that's one reason that I'm typing this right now.... and I'll go back to the flat ninths and raised fifths now. 
> And I totally expect someone, perhaps Naiditch, or Gnarly, or even Tommy,  to make some joke about "raised fifths"...
> go ahead....
> and 'you're welcome' for the straight line.
> Ok, it's plain text, pretty short, let's see if it actually posts online.
> jon kip
> http://jonkip.com

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