Re: [Harp-L] RP355 Amp/Mixer output switch

Robert Hale wrote:
<Hi Richard Hunter,
<The manual says 1/4 outputs are "optimized," but the only specific is that
<speaker compensation is ON with Mixer selection.
<   - I hear no change in Level or EQ
<   - Impedance??

As I mentioned in a separate message to Robert, he's using a tube amp, which imposes its own cabinet and circuitry sound on the RP's output.  With a more neutral amp (like a PA or keyboard amp), the difference between cabinet modeling in and out (which is what the amp/mixer button does) is likely to be more audible.

An amp model that's not filtered by some kind of cabinet, real or modeled, tends to sound pretty raw.  I like that sound on occasion--one of my favorite patches for the Digitech RP200 had no cab model on it, which I did precisely in order to maximize the grind in the sound.  However, in most cases I think the sound is better with a cab on it, and I pretty much always run my RPs with the amp/mixer switch set to mixer.

Thanks, Richard Hunter


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