[Harp-L] I Love Those J I N G L E Bells sheet music

My favorite  version of Jingle Bells is the one recorded in 1957 by Frank Sinatra/Gordon Jenkins. You can find the free lyrics and youtubes under the title "I Love Those   J I N G L E Bells." 

If you search under Jingle Bells, you'll never find it.

You can download the public domain versions of the 1857 Jingle Bells (One Horse Open Sleigh) in the key of Ab) for free on several sites, some versions are cleaner than others. After all, the paper is over 150 years old. 

But if you really love the tune and want it right now, you can get a leadsheet/lyrics(1 page) and piano/lyrics (4 pages) from Valley Music Press (copyright 2009) for the steep price of $19.99 for a download. A hard copy is also available. It's arranged by Nate Hepler.

It is in the key of Eb and lays out nicely in fifth position on guitar. 


Last year I had worked out the melody line with the help of my jazz guitar teacher -- but this is better. Plus the piano arrangement has some passing notes that can be worked into the solo.

If you don't have a piano or guitar, it appears to be playable on an Ab harp in second position. I just got my Ab half-valved harp yesterday but haven't worked it out yet. 

Don't forget, buy that Christmas harp.

Seasons Greetings


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