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Nice. Keeper.


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> I just saw this, about Jim Hall, the jazz guitar player, just died, and there's one sentence that's pretty good, no matter what your instrument
> First paragraph for context, second one is the Good One.
> "What seems kind of frivolous and doesn't really impress me is guys, people, women ... who have amazing technique but everything sounds worked out," Hall said in a 2003 interview for the National Endowment for the Arts. "They go through these chord changes with all these chops.
> "Usually I wish I had the kind of technique to do that and then not do it, sort of. I like to make some kind of composition happen while I'm playing. That involves motive development. ... I also love melodies. So I try to play melodies over tunes — have it go someplace and then come back."
> The sentence that says a lot is this: 
> "Usually I wish I had the kind of technique to do that and then not do it "
> jk

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