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Seydel offers all their 10-hole harps in low keys; I like the Session Steel models and have only good things to say about them. I found them to overblow, bend, and hold up well. Your mileage may vary. Suzuki harps only come in low F. Hohner makes their Thunderbirds.

I use the Seydel Solist Pro 12 harps in LA, LD, LC keys, though the LA is currently unavailable from Seydel. You'll sacrifice the notes in hole 10, but add a low octave with the bottom 3 holes found on a low harp. Great for low chugging, octaves, or lower lines the saxophones normally can play. If you are going to spring for a T-bird, a Pro 12 is in the same price range.

I think you'll find the low A is pretty darned low; bending those low notes can be a challenge. Low D is in a useful range and would be my first choice for a blues player, because it plays in A (2nd pos) and E (3rd pos.)

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I need to get a few low octave harps. I won't be using them heavily, so
I'm looking for good stock harps. Any suggestions. I'll need keys of A,
C, and D.

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