Re: [Harp-L] A recent take on Trouble In Mind

 Hey John,

Always loved this tune. Especially the way Big Walter played it. Now I also like the way you play it. 
Nice chops,

Chris Mastakas



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I've played this tune for a long time, it's a longtime favorite.  I was 
fortunate to hear Big Walter quite a bit back in the day, not that it shows 
here, other than the opening & closing head arrangement.  It's a song I love 
where I love to stretch out a bit, perhaps taking too many liberties, in both 
1st & 2nd.  I love the simplicity of the 8-bar chord structure of the song--I've 
compiled an itunes playlist I call "Troubles In Mind", with maybe forty versions 
of the tune by everyone from Johnny Cash to Janis Joplin to Bob Wills to Jay 
McShann to Aretha.  It's amazing how many people have put their own stamp on 
this tune.  Anyway...enjoy. --the tune which 
automatically loads when you go to this page isn't Trouble In Mind -- scroll 
down to find the Trouble In Mind link.  

I'm joined here by my longtime friend and musical partner, James Fraher,
 who, when he's not providing lovely guitar accompaniment, is one of the
 most prolific photographers of blues musicians around.  Google him and 
you'll find some really very cool images he's produced over the years.

Sorry for the quite so-so sound quality--we shot it on a whim at my house and it 
sounds much better if you plug headphones into your laptop--but thanks for 
checking it out!



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