Subject: [Harp-L] Re: Using an RP in a live situation (w/ green bullet)


Regarding your feedback sessions with the Green Bullet: The newer Green Bullets have an impedance-matching transformer inside that boosts the output signal and makes them way too hot in my opinion.  I took the transformer and volume pot out of one, and installed a simple on/off kill switch instead, and now it's my favorite mic.  Before the mod, I had to keep amp volume low, and couldn't get anywhere near the amp without it feeding back.  Now I can crank my amp up a bit more and get that nice fat, warm tube amp sound, with no feedback what-so-ever.  Please note: Shure probably would not support the mods I made, so modify at your own risk, but I love the mic now and it was just collecting dust before.

Keep Harpin!
Pat Powers

> Thank you for this detailed answer, Richard. 
> I may have to consult my chief technician in order to understand some of it, since I'm
> sort of a tech retard -- bufortunate to have knowledge in the neighborhood.
> I was quite taken aback recently when I, for the first time in years, brought out my Green 
> Bullet and discovered that it, contrary to my expectations, actually increased volume on 
> some of your dirtier patches. A pleasant surprise. (I shelved that GB after too many feedback
> sessions.) That was welcome.
> The Direct amp model was something I'd missed entirely. On the patches I've got there's chorus
> on it (maybe a difference between the various models, I've got the 150?) but now that I know 
> some of my way around I can reduce that for more cleanliness. (Problem is that I also like warm
> sound with chorus, a bit in the Mickey Raphael vein ... but I'll find a way.)
> Will save this reply for future consultations. Many thanks.
> Cheers,
> Martin

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