[Harp-L] valve replacement.

That's really important.... being able to do repairs yourself....

For the gluing of The Valves, one thing I'd add, because neatness seems to have skipped a generation in my family (dad was a physicist, and was very neat, always storing the electrons carefully and in the Proper order, I am not neat at all, my daughter is neat, in several ways.), would be regarding the action of placing of the valve on the rivet end.

So if , for instance, the rivet end is on your left, place the glued end of the valve just to the left of where you want it to end up and slide it to the right until it's in the correct place. This is a tiny thing, but has the potential  to put any mess in a non-terrible place.

Of course, if you want to make a reed very quiet, you could reverse that process, putting the glue in the slot.

I think at least two of those sentences  may have made sense. 


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> But maintaining your slide and valves is a survival skill for playing the chromatic harmonica. You might want to consider working a bit more on those tasks and improving your skills. If your slide jams up or valves start braying just before a gig, you won't have time to send your harp away.
Press the glued end of the valve down 

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