Re: [Harp-L] what position/tuning to play this song

Hi Eric

It's a song in C and a Bb harp ( = 3rd position) makes it easy to get that oriental flavor.
Start by playing the blues scale notes in 3rd position and you'll find some more " in between" notes that fit well.
-1    -2"   -2   -3"'   -3"   +4   -4 etc.. 

Kindest regards/met vriendelijke groeten

Ben Bouman ( for EU )

Op 10 dec 2013, om 20:14 heeft Eric Miller het volgende geschreven:

> hoping to play the female vocal improv part that starting at about 1:40.
> I hear some very eastern sounding notes in there...not sure what mode or
> scale that is.  I could wing it in 2nd pos minor or 3rd...but I'd like to
> really nail some of those ethnic notes in there.  Any advice on position or
> tuning for that?

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