[Harp-L] World Harmonica Festival, jazz division?

There is no reason that a person wanting to study jazz on the harmonica should feel that they have to study jazz with a harmonica player, and there are cogent reasons to not do that.

 Having a separate teacher for jazz makes sense, unless you can find a person who's an expert in both, and there are not a lot of those folks around. (names that come to mind here are,  Slim, Rob, Michael Peloquin, Toots, Hendrick Meurkins (too lazy to check that spelling)....... and there are more, and I'll remember them once I hit SEND...Oh, yeah, PT, but I don't know if he plays something else besides his half valved diatonics,)

Meandering around the built-in "features" of the harmonica is not jazz.  Jazz is a language, and needs to be studied. Why not study jazz from an expert, in a non-instrument-specific manner, and also continue to study the instrument with your favorite harmonica player/teacher? 

I think that's a rhetorical question, isn't it?



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