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They didn't refer to Tim's website as "Working Man's Harps" for nothing. Get Well Soon Tim!!! At the dawn of customizers, Tim was a very affordable diatonic that played like butter str8 out of the box. I got a few from Tim in the early 2000.....& they played just as fine now as they did then. I really admirred the classic "T-Bone". It utilized a Special 20 
Comb, & SP20 cover plates...but
Wielded the richer Marine Band Reedplates....& the micropore.
I had a few other models, but for my Bang 4 The Buck....i still find the T-Bone hard to beat. When Tim closed shop many years back i was fortunate to find a fresh & inspired customizer from Kansas City 
Named Joe Spiers. Highly recommended! On the Mend Tim! Stop running a while!

Steve Webb <swebb@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Actually, I am the Minn. Guy who used to add the weather.
>I also still have a couple of Tim's micro pore gasket harps and they play well.
>Hope he returns quickly to goo health.
>Steve in Minn. Where it is currently below zero after a high today of 5 degrees.
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>> On Dec 6, 2013, at 9:46 PM, "HSIS" <hazcon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I remember Tim from the early days of Harp-l
>> He did a custom marine band for me it was an excellent harp(complete with a micropore gasket,remember those...)
>>    He always used to quote what the weather was in his neck of the woods after every post.
>> Minnesota?
>> Get well soon Tim
>> Rick
>> in NZ
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>> Subject: [Harp-L] Tim Moyer
>> Hi folks,
>> I am sure a lot of you might already know that Tim Moyer suffered a stroke
>> last month the day after his 56th birthday. I did not. I found out today. It
>> flat threw my for a loop. I mean the guy is a marathon runner and to look at
>> him you would swear you could bounce a quarter off his stomach.
>> I just got off the phone with Tim and he is able to communicate very well.
>> He is currently in rehab. The stroke affected his left arm and leg. The arm
>> is worse than the leg. The outlook is good for a near full recovery. He is
>> able to use his right hand to play the harmonica which is very good for his
>> recovery as he is forced to remember all the gymnastics we do with our
>> months to get all the crazy false notes we get.
>> I first met Tim in 2003 at SPAH in Dallas. He and I hit it off right away.
>> We had many things in common. He is a melody player. His style is melodic,
>> thoughtful and tasteful. He also has an affinity for first generation Marine
>> Band Meisterklass diatonics. The ones before the MS series. Tim also is a
>> fine customizer and did an outstanding job on a Meisterklass Low F that I
>> used on my 2005 CD and still play today from time to time.
>> According to his wife Allison, Tim is fine with taking calls and it
>> certainly helps the rehab process.
>> I contacted Allison via Facebook and gave her my # and they called me. You
>> find her on Facebook as Allison Sullivan Moyer, use the message feature and
>> not the public forum please. For those of you close to Tim I would encourage
>> you to call & say hi.
>> Cards and other goodies can be sent to:
>> Tim Moyer
>> 960 HWY 39
>> Ingram, TX. 78025
>> Yikes! Life is short....donÂt waste it!
>> PT Gazell
>> -- 
>> pt@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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