[Harp-L] Digitech RP360/RP360XP

Hi all,

I've confirmed with Digitech tech support that the new RP360/RP360XP devices coming soon are based on the same AudioDNA2 chip that runs the RP150/155/250/255/350/355/500/1000.  (The 360XP has an expression pedal, and is otherwise the same as the RP360.) This means that the basic sound engine in the newer devices is the same as the one that powers the current lineup.  

For current Digitech RP users, the message here is that there is no reason to rush to replace your RP with the RP360/360XP, especially if you're using your current RP for a handful of basic sounds.  The 360/360XP may allow freer configuration of FX and the order in which they're processed, much like the Zoom G3.  However, that feature is most useful to people who are pushing the boundaries on sound design, as opposed to people who like their sounds simple and traditional (y'know, like amp modeling plus delay and reverb), and it remains to be seen whether it will be included in the 360/360XP.  

One thing to look out for is closeout sales on current RPs.  When new models come in, dealers blow out inventory at steeply reduced prices.  I wouldn't be surprised to see RP355s going for 50% off in the next few months. (You can get a used RP355 for a similar price from guitarcenter.com now.)  That would be a good deal on a device that Digitech will continue to support.

Of course, when the 360XP is available, I'll put together a patch set for it.  In the meantime, anyone here who's bought a current model RP can rest assured that their device will continue to represent the state of the art in Digitech's sound for some time to come.
Regards, Richard Hunter  

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