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I'm not aware of any from the competition, but there's plenty of Marcin Dyjak on Youtube, most of which I haven't heard yet. (My comments on his playing are only from the competition. Also, I'm not second-guessing the judges, who had a difficult and complex task. My remarks are strictly about my own personal experience.)
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Winslow, is there a video of Marcin performance?

Jorge Simonian

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> El 09/12/2013, a las 13:36, Winslow Yerxa <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx> escribió:
> Marcos has put his finger on a structural problem with the competitions. To avoid an endless list of categories, the organizers swept divergent styles with different criteria and traditions into single categories: jazz in with melody, and also blues in with folk. A virtuosic jazz performance can often overshadow a simple melody that is played with finesse and refinement. That said, for me personally, Marcin was the most musically satisfying of all the competitors, and I hope to hear more of him.
> Winslow

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