[Harp-L] How to slow down a recording for playback in Audacity

Darrell, your email isn't working so I'm posting this to Harp-L for

Go to File and select Import then select Audio. Browse to the mp3 file or
wav file you want to slow down (Whammer Jammer, perhaps?). Import it. It
will now play in Audacity's interface.

Highlight what you want to slow down with your mouse (a solo perhaps, or
just do the whole song).

Click on the "Effect" tab and then click on "Change Tempo" in the dropdown
tab that appears. A window will pop up showing you the current length of
the portion you have selected (say 30 seconds for example). You then type
in the length of seconds you want it to play at... double would be 60
seconds, so it would play at half speed.

You can also use the sliding time scale provided, do beats per minute
instead of seconds, or as I suggested just manually type in the seconds.
Faster or slower playback with no change in pitch. Definitely helps with
slowing it down so you can hear hard parts more effectively.

Piece of cake.

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