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Martin wrote:
<For a few days IÂve been trying to find a good, warm sound to use for a backing harmonica track for a friend whoÂs doing a version <of "Rainy night in Georgia". My RP pedal contains about a 100 different sounds, none would do; I went through four or five <amplifiers and various other gear in his studio. Nope.

When I use my RP to record, I'm generally doing one of two things:
- If there's a sound I know I want to use on the track, I record with it.  This could be anything, depending on what role the harp is playing on the track--amped up, effected, you name it.
- If I don't know exactly what sound I want, I'll record something as neutral as possible, and add FX later in the recording process.  In this case, I generally set the RP to use a Direct amp model with Direct Box speaker cabinet (which is as close to a straight-through signal as you can get with an RP), and take off all the other FX.  I might use a little EQ depending on the mic; often I'll reduce the high frequency content and take out the some of the low-frequency stuff as well.  That's the way I recorded my parts for the BBC series "Copper."

If you're recording to a device like a Zoom multitrack recorder, the only time to use the RP is in situation #1.  Otherwise, if all you want is a clean harp sound, and given that no computer is involved, you might as well just use the input channels on the Zoom.

regards, Richard Hunter


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