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Richard, could I ask what you now use to get a perfect seal?  My "best" 364 has micropore and hasn't caused a problem for several months.  However, I am concerned it may harbor germs and none of us need that in our lives.  

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<I reckon that Micropore did a good job ,went out of favour for some reason.?

I used micropore tape on my Lee Oskars for years, but I don't use it anymore.  Blackie Schackner warned in a message to this list that such gaskets cause more problems than they solve--in particular, they collect a lot of junk that you don't want hanging around your harp, and when you remove them they leave residues that make it difficult to get an airtight seal between plate and comb unless you use micropore tape again, which means more junk in the harp, etc.  In other words, any harp you use micropore tape on is subject to a vicious cycle.  Blackie was right.

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