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Actually I was wondered about this guy win jazz contest. His performance
was ok, but too far from jazz playing in phrasing. For my taste Marcin had
to be a winner instead of Greg.

2013/12/7 Richard Hunter <turtlehill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Winslow Yerxa wrote:
> <The competition performance given by first-place winner Greg Miller in
> the solo diatonic jazz category is this one:
> <
> <
> Very interesting.  Writing this from a train with no Youtube access; is
> that the same Greg Miller who won the NHL's Harmonica Player of the Year
> award in 2010?  I met him at a jam session at Ain't Nothin' But the Blues
> in London a few months ago (as described at
>  He
> was playing straight-up Chicago blues at the time; not a hint of jazz in
> his tone or his lines.  Don't that beat all. Some guys just don't show you
> everything they've got on one tune...
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Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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