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I'm Facebook friends with Tim. The man is a serious runner running in extreme Texas weather conditions. 
It was like he was out there almost every day pushing the limit for someone in their 50's. 
A few weeks ago he started posting messages were the words didn't make sense. It was like a toddler got ahold 
of his FB account and started typing. . Nothing was said at the time about the stroke. 
A few recent posts seem to be more legible and he was talking about recovery but no hint of what was wrong. 

I'm wondering if heat exhaustion didn't contribute in some way. 


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Hi folks, 

I am sure a lot of you might already know that Tim Moyer suffered a stroke 
last month the day after his 56th birthday. I did not. I found out today. It 
flat threw my for a loop. I mean the guy is a marathon runner and to look at 
him you would swear you could bounce a quarter off his stomach. 

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