[Harp-L] Tim Moyer

Hi folks,

I am sure a lot of you might already know that Tim Moyer suffered a stroke
last month the day after his 56th birthday. I did not. I found out today. It
flat threw my for a loop. I mean the guy is a marathon runner and to look at
him you would swear you could bounce a quarter off his stomach.

I just got off the phone with Tim and he is able to communicate very well.
He is currently in rehab. The stroke affected his left arm and leg. The arm
is worse than the leg. The outlook is good for a near full recovery. He is
able to use his right hand to play the harmonica which is very good for his
recovery as he is forced to remember all the gymnastics we do with our
months to get all the crazy false notes we get.

I first met Tim in 2003 at SPAH in Dallas. He and I hit it off right away.
We had many things in common. He is a melody player. His style is melodic,
thoughtful and tasteful. He also has an affinity for first generation Marine
Band Meisterklass diatonics. The ones before the MS series. Tim also is a
fine customizer and did an outstanding job on a Meisterklass Low F that I
used on my 2005 CD and still play today from time to time.

According to his wife Allison, Tim is fine with taking calls and it
certainly helps the rehab process.

I contacted Allison via Facebook and gave her my # and they called me. You
find her on Facebook as Allison Sullivan Moyer, use the message feature and
not the public forum please. For those of you close to Tim I would encourage
you to call & say hi.

Cards and other goodies can be sent to:

Tim Moyer
960 HWY 39
Ingram, TX. 78025

Yikes! Life is short....don¹t waste it!

PT Gazell


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