RE: [Harp-L] Scottish/Irish tunes - C#/D

Thanks Winslow for your detailed and all-round full answer to this tuning.
I have tuned CX12 by adding weight with solder to D-C sharp and love it. I
got used to playing this way years ago when a reed would go out on a C
hohner 270. I would simply press the button in for a working scale. Then
realizing it for the ornamentation. I instantly liked back then. When I
came across Eddie Clarke, it made total sense to me why he chose that style
of playing.
I have tried using blue tac on diatonic harps but I find to make it stick
you have to ply it a little to get it to stick. Then trying to fine tune it
can be messy. Handy enough though if you wanna to something simple.

To install reeds would require a lot of work and fine tuning.Then you have
the problem with finding the right size reeds for say a CX12 which
depending what year you bought them come in two different sizes. You can
order them from Hohner and they allow for the difference and so supply
both. Might be easier with Hohner 270.

Brendan did mention the third way to me and it sounds like a quick and easy
way to make one up. Given that you have Hohner 270s in D and C lying
round!! What to do with the left overs? I suppose they can be your spare
reeds for the future. Less there is some other tuning scheme you can use

All the best,
Cathal Johnson

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