Re: [Harp-L] RE: Scottish/Irish tunes (specifically in "minor" keys)

One of the really useful things about Circular (Spiral) Tuning (an altered tuning, 
to be sure) is that every note in the diatonic major scale (Ionian mode) is available 
for over two octaves on a 10-hole diatonic harp. That also means that every mode is 
also available over essentially the same range. In particular, the Mixolydian mode is
available starting in hole 1 blow. The relative natural minor (Aeolian mode) is 
available starting in hole 1 draw. The other useful minor modes are Dorian and 
Phrygian. The Lydian major mode is also available. The Locrian mode is the most 
limited in terms of available notes, but I haven't found a use for it yet.

I do NOT play the typical Scottish/Irish repertoire, but I certainly do play minor
key tunes without having a separate set of minor key harps.

Seydel is the only major harmonica manufacturer who sells this altered tuning as
part of their stock inventory. Yes, it will cost a little more than the standard
Richter Tuning, but then you don't (not the same as won't) need a set of minor key
harps. That does NOT mean you wouldn't find a use for minor key harps, depending on
what you play and how you play it. I think of minor key harps as specialty tools.
Sometimes, a specialty tool is just exactly what is needed on a specific job, but 
most of the time, the specialty tools gather dust. (Not that any harmonica player
would EVER allow a harmonica to go unplayed!)

Crazy (about the Circular {Spiral} Tuning capabilities) Bob 		 	   		  

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