[Harp-L] Custom Hohner Golden Melody Harps

Okay, I am having both a brain lock. Who are the guys from Atlanta who
make custom Hohner Golden Melody harps and how do I contact them? Are
you guys  listening here on the ol' Harp-L?

A couple of years ago I sent you a bunch of harps w/ bad reeds and got a
low F# harp which I have recently been playing the hell out of. And now,
sure enough, a reed has gone flat. I either need this harp repaired or
another low F# harp. (Also would like to get a low F, if you've got one
to sell.)

For whatever stupid reason I didn't keep the info on you guys and can't
remember who you are and how to contact you; and the old emails have
been deleted. So could you please contact me? Thank you. 


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