[Harp-L] bent valves

valves are really important, and sometimes, when a note is acting untoward, replacing  both valves in the hole solves the problem, even if the valves look good.

It used to be that one could call sissi and get a courtesy box full of valves for almost no money.

That's not the case any more. So even people like Dick Gardner have taken to harvesting the valves from harmoni-corpses.

It's also nice, but not crucial, to have similar valves in at least the bottom 2/3 of the instrument.

Buy more. At times, even if the valve looks ok, replacing it solves issues.

Buy more. 

It's pretty important. IF you can't find some to buy, then you can try to figure out how to UnFold them by doing some variation of what crafty people do to make bows out of ribbons to be put on gifts to people at Christmas. Or Birthdays.

After you try that, buy more valves.

I've used valves from various sources, and they all work about the same for my needs. They have to be wide enough to not be pulled into the slots, and narrow enough to move quickly and not hit stuff.

If you've decided that putting magnets inside your instrument will give you fewer bad notes, or a better sound,  it won't, but since you've saved the money for the magnets, buy some valves instead.



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> Hi Guys
> Do you have a preferred method of making valves lie flat against the
> reedplate when there is a bit of a gap?
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