Re: [Harp-L] Clint Hoover is stellar

Clint is super awesome.  I can't touch anything he plays because he literally taught me everything I know, so by default, can out play me on every level.  He plays some very sparse chromatic parts on a few songs for a funk/soul band.  The frontman contacted me about playing in lieu of Clint at the CD release (Clint moved to PA).  I suck at chromatic, but could play some of what he did by ear.

I have nothing but positives to say about Clint and really wish I had had more opportunity to befriend him beyond being a student.  I own pretty much everything he's recorded up until the last handful of years including a super rare album where he plays heavily distorted rock chromatic. 

Clint gave me the foundation of how and what to play on harmonica through the bigger picture of making music - not just how to play harmonica - and years' worth of material to work out.  Chris Michalek taught me how to refine that technique and theory as it pertains to phrasing.  Without those two, I would have just spun and spun my wheels having been unable to crack any of the harmonica code on my own.  I am blessed that my main teacher and mentor focused on making music with a growth mindset!

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