[Harp-L] Light Box for embossing reed plates.

Hi Richard,

I am still trying to pick up the courage to attack some of my knackered
harmonicas "with extreme prejudice" and when I do I shall undoubtedly need a
light box. My next project will be to look up your drawings and pictures.

However I do happen to have a microfiche reader, which Rick Epping
recommended as the weapon of choice for this job. My guess is that there is
a glut of discarded microfiche readers out there - rendered obsolete by the
advent of the PC. Look out for them in local garage sales or in the dusty
store room of auto dealers. They might even pay you to take them off their
hands. If you are really lucky they may throw in the fiches of the car
workshop manual and parts book for good luck. If you happen to 'strike oil'
with a VW dealer I will make you an offer on the air cooled Beetle fiches.



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