[Harp-L] RE: the passing of Bob Berthiaume

Hi Denny,


The Indianapolis connection is still there but no activity because of
copyright issues.  The arrangements for the Big Harp and Sharp Harp are
already there from Chuck Fendall's library.  What is in Bob's library are


On the balance, I suggest you go to www.harp-l.com/ and join.  Then post
what you have for sale.  Unfortunately, we all face this problem as there is
not much market for this stuff.  I am doing my best to get rid of my stash
to avoid leaving the problem to the kids.


I reviewed your website and good to see you doing so much.  You are a fine
player.  I am keeping busy up here (Reno) in clubs, restaurants and
symphonies.  However, as with other places, the pay stinks.








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Subject: Re: the passing of Bob Berthiaume


Tom, Jon & Steve:


Please excuse the nearly 4 years since the passing of my dad, Bob
Berthiaume.  This morning I FINALLY finished the inventory of dad's
harmonica treasury.  I guess that waiting so long was a feeble attempt to
stave off the final recognition of his passing, what it meant to me, and the
musical legacy he left me.  


I still like the idea of donating dad's goods to SPAH.  Even better, of
course, would be the Indianapolis Symphony as a repository for distribution.


Here is the INVENTORY of dad's goods



*4 Super R Hohner Chromatics

*1 Herings 48 Chrom

*1 Hering 48 Velvet Voice Chrom

*1 Hohner auto-valve harp

*1 box of diatonic harps

   --1 Regan & Sons Triumph

   --1 Hohner Golden 

   --8 assorted diatonics

   --3 empty boxes

*4 empty Super R Hohner Chrom boxes


*13 Sharp Harp

*6 Larry Adler, etc

*5 Cappy Barra, etc

*3 European artists

*5 Big Harp

*3 Borrah Minovitch

*2 Stagg mcmann

*1 Harmonicats

*3 repair kits/harmonica tools (reset)/Eb assembly


*1 folder of Sharp Harp

*1 folder of Hindustan

*misc MILW Harmonica Club

*Larry Adler folder


*"When Day is Done"

*"Begin the Beguine" (trio)

*Christmas tunes

*Leo Diamond arrangements

*fake book

*"Peg of My Heart"

*"Caprice for Harmonica"

*Irish songs



*1 Sharp Harp

*1 Music Minus One (C. Huang)

*1 Big Harp (live in Reno)

7 PROFESSIONAL CDs: Toots, Harmonicats, etc

6 BOOKS: biographies, histories, etc


6 VIDEOTAPES: 3 SPAH/3 pro harmonica players

1 Lps: European Troups

1 DVD: Toots

3 CDs: misc


Looking forward to any response from all of you.  Please forward to Pete
Blasburg and other players who knew dad.



Denny Berthiaume

126 Stillings Ave

SF  94131




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Hi Denny,


Thanks for the notice.  I am sorry to hear of your dad's passing.  He was
quite a guy and I first knew of him in 50's from Visitacion Valley where I
was raised (Raymond Street, I think.)  Then Uncle Ralph went to work for my
brother and I later met Donny at Farmers.  A long and pleasant family


I wish you and Marsh the best as I know it has not been easy all of these
last years.


A scholarship is a nice idea but tends to fall flat in a smaller
organization such as SPAH.  We tried to do it for Ray but the donation (1)
was nominal.   Unless there is a substantial up front donation it is likely
doomed because harmonica players are not so benevolent. 


When Chuck Fendall passed, his family gave SPAH all of his harmonica
arrangements and transcriptions.  We put them into a library at the
Indianapolis Symphony for electronic distribution to SPAH members.  All are
scanned but we cannot yet get passed the copyright laws allowing us to
distribute them.  So sad as these are historical pieces worth little to most
of the world.  That being said, if you want to donate your Dad's
arrangements to SPAH, I can help you with that but cannot guarantee when
they will be released to others.


Please give my regards to Marsha.  It has been a long time since I have seen
her.  Also, please provide your mailing addresses.


Again, sorry to hear of Dad's passing.  I did have the privilege to enjoy
his and mom's visits for years.  I wish you and Marsha peace.






Note my new email address: tstryker1@xxxxxxxxx


From: denny [mailto:denny42@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: the passing of Bob Berthiaume


Hi Tom:

Saddened to tell you that our father, Bob Berthiaume, passed away on Monday,
September 14, at 6:30AM in Clovis, CA.  I now have most of his arrangements
and many of his harmonicas.  If you ould be so kind to contact any harmonica
players that knew him, I would be ever so grateful.  It is my family's
desire to see some fund/scholarship/library established by SPAH in dad's
name.  Do you think this is possible?  


If there is anyone that knew dad, would you please let them know of his
passing.  There will be a grave sit service this Saturday, Sept 19, at
11:30AM, at


Los Gatos Cemetary

2255 Los Gatos-Almaden Rd


Best regards

Denny Berthiaume (415 333 2092)

Marsha Adams (daughter)

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