[Harp-L] Reverbs, delays, etc. for sale

Hi all,

I'm cleaning out the gear locker.  I've got a few nice pieces on offer:

1) Yamaha Magicstomp pedal: this is a VERY nice multi-fx pedal--it even has an amp model based on a Fender Champ.  The reverbs, delays, and modulation FX are excellent, fully on par with the Lexicon reverbs in the Digitech RPs.  I'm selling because I haven't used it since the latest RP series came out.  Comes with the original power supply, no box, no manual--but you can easily get the manual at Yamaha's website.  Condition is excellent.  $125 includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA.  

2)  Akai Headrush delay/looper pedal: the delay is a VERY clean digital delay; it wouldn't be my top choice for blues harp, but it works very nicely on plenty of other stuff.  The looper is a simple thing: 20 seconds if you only need one layer, 11 seconds for as many layers as you like.  Power supply included.  Condition is excellent. $55 includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA.  

3)  Akai Intelliphase phase shifter: I really do like this piece.  The phase shifting is clean and smooth, and it includes a switch that allows you to choose either high-volume or low-volume notes to be either phase-shifted or not, so you can switch back and forth between phase-shifted and clean sounds using breath pressure to make the switch.  Power supply included.  Condition is excellent.  $50 includes shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

4) Electro harmonix ORIGINAL Deluxe Memory Man: this is one of the coolest analog delays ever made, and a highly prized collector's item.  Mine was made in the late 1970s.  It's got plenty of scratches on it, but it sounds as good as it ever did.  I'll sell for $150, buyer pays shipping the continental USA.

5) Danelectro Chicken Salad vibrato and Corned Beef Reverb: they're small, they're cheap, they're fun.  No power supplies, but a 9 volt battery will do you.  The Corned Beef has a vintage kind of sound, the Chicken Salad is a more than decent vibrato.  $15 for both, buyer pays shipping.

6)  Zoom PS-02 palmtop studio: this device is basically a scratch pad for ideas. It includes a simple drum machine and bass line generator, plus the ability to record an audio track.  For full details, see http://www.samsontech.com/zoom/products/digital-recorders/ps02/.  Zoom supplies rhythm tracks in various styles, which is fun if you like to experiment with different grooves.  It records to Smart Media cards (one included) at 32.5 kHz, which is NOT pro audio quality--did I mention that it's a scratch pad?  I'll sell for $35, shipping included anywhere in the continental USA.

I'm putting this stuff on eBay within a few days.  In the meantime, if you're interested, please contact me off-list.

Thanks, Richard Hunter


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