Subject: [Harp-L] Ouch! No Harp For A While

Wow!  So sorry to hear about your accident. Very painful injury/ies so  I 
hope you're feeling somewhat better at this point (or at least that the meds  
are keeping you comfortable).
The 'medical harmonica' is used mostly for COPD patients: to help clear the 
 lungs of congestion (in lieu of the machine they usually use which doesn't 
 have the fun factor) and encourages building lung power. With a  
pneumothorax I honestly doubt it'd be something they'd suggest for you right now  so 
you might need to wait a while, although playing once the pneumothorax  has 
healed might help you build up your strength and lung power again.
A hospital in Baltimore uses harmonicas routinely for their COPD patients,  
so might be able to give you more information as it relates directly to 
your  present situation.
Much luck and I hope you're out of the hospital and on the mend soon.
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Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2013 11:57:15 -0400
From: Robert Rowe  <robertrowe2@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Ouch! No Harp For A  While
To: "harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx Harp-L"  <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx>

Starting week 5 in the hospital. I fell, broke  my face and 5 ribs, had a 
pneumothorax. Have a chest tube and various things to  accumulate blood and 
fluids. At least 2 more weeks before I'm released. No  blowing or sucking for 
a while for me. Know anything about medical harmonica?  Helpful for me?

Stone cold  sober...


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