[Harp-L] RE: Harp-L Digest, Vol 116, Issue 17

Thank you to give lots of details about how it works. 
I am coming fro the first time from France, and even if I have some friend who already went you are always affraid to miss something :) since discovering about all... 

I got member last year just before the last convention, and there was lots of papers in the enveloppe I received by post office. I guess that what you will add (when you can) to the SPAH website will be as well sent to the member by the same way ?! (Post office)

Thank you... 

Patrice (Capatilizing all the interresting questions and answers ;) ...)
PS: YES ! Can not miss this one :) ! So I believe many many people there...

> From: Winslow Yerxa <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] SPAH
> To: Kevin Hamilton <kham27@xxxxxxxxx>, HARP-L <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Hi, Kevin.
> See my earlier harp-l post giving registration details for th 2013 SPAH convention..
> We normally post convention information starting on April 15, so harp-l members are getting a sneak preview.
> Nice to know that folks are already thinking ahead to the SPAH convention.
> Winslow


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