RE: Subject: RE: [Harp-L] SPAH St Louis 2013 hotel info!  I wondered if by joining SPAH, I would
receive all the information as part of my membership.  Thanks so much for
the confirmation!  I hope to see you there!!!


Warm regards,




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Once you become a SPAH member, all of this info will be sent to you in the
mail with your SPAH package along with issues of Harmonica Happenings so I
suggest you sign up, something I believe you can still do at the site. Click on the log in/join link. It's $50.00 this year for
an individual/$65.00 per family to join for the year. 



The typical SPAH convention Hotel Room usually comes in around $99 per night
(or less, depending on how good a deal SPAH arranged with the Hotel). Of
course there are always those 'extra' taxes Smokey's mentioned. Many people
wish to keep costs down so if you're traveling alone and would like to share
a room to cut expenses, there will be a bulletin board you can post on at
the SPAH site as the Convention draws closer.


The entire cost of the Festival (which is a more accurate description to me
since I think Convention gives some people the wrong idea about what it's
like) is roughly $175(?) if I remember correctly (unless it's gone up a few
dollars) INCLUDING your Saturday night dinner for which most people do dress
up a bit, although some don't. This includes ALL of the evening shows and
seminars, as well as the Saturday Night main Entertainment (the biggest
night) with one exclusion: the Al and Judy Smith chromatic teaching Seminar
which is a separate charge (a nominal $30 fee - paid separately for those
who wish to sign up and usually quickly booked up). You get a LOT for your
money at SPAH. The biggest cost will be the Airfare to and from (assuming
you're flying?) and your meals apart from the Banquet. IF you can drive
there and/or share a ride; pick up some groceries to keep in your room,
you'll be considerably ahead of the game.


Harmonica will be heard in every nook and cranny of the Hotel --at least on
those floors designated for the Festival and in rooms you pass by where
harmonica players are staying, as well as outside. Groups of all sizes play
together everywhere and you'll make friends immediately. All it takes is a
smile and an introduction. Once you register you'll have a name tag to wear
and inside your packet will include your booklet and list of events. I'd
suggest you don't miss the Filisko teach-ins and do check out the evening
Blues and Jazz jams --since they're both extremely enjoyable even if you
prefer to listen in at first.


Trust me, you'll remember this as one of the most enjoyable times of your
life and will come away having made a whole host of new harmonica friends.
I'm sure hoping I can get back to SPAH this year--especially since it's the
big 50th Anniversary celebration. I've missed it very much after attending
14 Harmonica conventions (including 6 SPAH's) since 2005.





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Hi Winslow,

Could you please give us "virgin" SPAH goers, a little primer on the
convention. For example, once you join SPAH, what are the costs involved in
attending the convention? What is the registration fee for the conventions
and are the seminars included in the registration fee, etc., etc.? I can't
seem to find any of this information on the SPAH website. 

Thanks so much...I'm sure I'm not the only person wondering! :)

Goodyear, AZ

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