Re: [Harp-L] SPAH St Louis 2013 hotel

I know you asked Winslow, but...

> once you join SPAH, what are the costs involved in attending the convention? 

travel, food, drinks, lodging (there's a special SPAH rate for the hotel, usually under $100/night) and whatever you spend buying new harmonicas, amps, mics, cases, t-shirts, etc...

> What is the registration fee for the conventions and are the seminars included in the registration fee, etc., etc.? I can't
> seem to find any of this information on the SPAH website.

The convention registration cost is theoretically variable (and depends on some factors), so we don't put it up until the convention registration is open. This year's convention registration will open in about a week and a half, and we'll have the entire convention packet up on the site then. 

Seminars ARE included, as is entertainment, with the possible exception of the Blues Blow-Off (which is technically not a SPAH event) that generally happens the Tuesday night after the convention's Opening Ceremony. There's a seminar or two you need to register for ahead of time, but generally everything else is drop-in. There's seminars in the mornings, and shows usually in the afternoon and evening, and jams throughout the day. You can pretty much find someone playing harmonica from sun up to sun down for 4 days straight. 

> Thanks so much...I'm sure I'm not the only person wondering! :)

I hope you aren't! ;)

JP Pagán
SPAH Media Director
Publisher, Harmonica Happenings
info@xxxxxxxx / hheditor@xxxxxxx

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