Re: [Harp-L] Is Junior Wells over-rated?

"I know [Bob Dylan] is far from being a great guitarist (maybe one of the
worst), a great singer (maybe one of the worst), a great harp player (maybe
one of the worst), he has not invented anything new..."

While I take your larger point about music, I disagree with just about
everything in this part of your sentence regarding Dylan, except maybe the
part about harmonica.  Guitar?  A more than competent and very musical
player.  Singing?  Not everyone's cup of tea but this is more about the
natural timbre of his voice than his ability to SING, which is a different
thing.  For my money he is a great singer.  As for not having invented
anything new... he only completely reinvented the very idea of what it
means to be a popular songwriter.

With all that, I'll accept his sloppy harmonica playing with no complaints.

*"Umbrella Man leaves no stone unturned. Scott Albert Johnson's debut mixes
blues, rock, folk and jazz, unified by first-rate harmonica playing." (Maureen
Palli, Relix)*
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