Re: [Harp-L] amp-less performing (and recording)

Previous year I get POD HD for harmonica. I still love amps onstage, but I
almost gave up carrying pedals with me.

2013/4/2 Winslow Yerxa <winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx>

> Last year I hired guitarist Rusty Zinn (Mark Hummel, Kim Wilson) to
> provide guitar backing on the CD for the book Blues Harmonica For Dummies.
> I had already laid down scratch harmonica tracks and just needed to
> capture guitar. I hired a recording studio, thinking that Rusty would show
> up with an amp. But he showed up on foot (whatever happened to that huge
> Cadillac he used to drive?) with a guitar and a Line 6 Pod. He said he was
> done lugging amps around and that he could get the sounds he needed and
> wanted with that small, light rig.
> And he was right. We didn't even use the main studio. We did everything in
> the control room with the engineer and he fed the Pod directly into the
> board, with perfectly fine results. Later, when we needed to do some
> follow-up sessions, we did them in my dining room - no problem with mics
> picking up the passing traffic on Highway 1.
> So, yeah, the romance of amps and the fine detail of the sounds they can
> produce may be the path for some folks. But for others, even some of the
> finest in the business, dialing in your sound on an effects box and
> plugging into the mixing board is also a very fine - and practical - option.
> Winslow
> Winslow Yerxa
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Thanks, Boris Plotnikov

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