[Harp-L] Beyer Mics

Hello Boris,

I use and love my M69. Fat n' warm and smooth is how I'd describe it and it
has the added benefit of rolling off at 15k which tames the shrill. It has
no crunch, and sounds sweet played straight into the PA, but played through
a tube amp, or a simulated tube amp you'd get a nice bluesy tone. For a
while was using the M69 into an ART preamp with the 1/4" output going to a
miced  '57 Champ and the XLR direct to the house. I then mixed the two
signals for the FOH and monitors.  I must give credit to Micky Raphael for
this set up, since I appropriated it from him ;-).

From: Boris Plotnikov <ploboris@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Does anyone tried modern beyerdynamic mics?

Does anyone tried modern beyerdynamic mics?
Check m 201 tg. It looks like great alternative to SM57.

Technical data shows noticeable proximity.

Also interested in M 69 TG and M 88 TG

*Trip Henderson*

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