[Harp-L] Converting Sheet Music to Tab

I have some experience in the realm of converting sheet music to harmonica
tab.  If I'm starting with printed sheet music I may begin with the
commercial program "SmartScore".   If you want to use a free program try
"Omer".   Both of those programs require that your sheet music be printed
not handwritten.

If you are starting with a PDF, you can try "PDF to Music".  There is a
free trial version that will only convert the first page of your PDF.  But
you can find a free PDF splitter that will split your multi-page PDF into
single pages before feeding them into the "PDF to Music" trial version.
Be aware, though, that "PDF to Music" only works on PDFs that were
originally created in a notation program (like Finale, for instance).   If
the PDF was created in Adobe or some word processor, it won't contain the
necessary musical information for "PDF to Music" to do its thing. Also, if
I recall correctly, there's yet another (free) add-on you'll need if you
want to save directly to Harmony/Melody Assistant format.  Otherwise "PDF
to Music" just spits out a a midi file.

Harmony/Melody Assistant will accept midi files, MusicXML files, Finale
files and several other formats and convert them to standard notation with
tablature for just about any instrument you can imagine from bagpipe to
chromatic harmonica.   In the harmonica department it can handle almost any
altered tuning you can devise for diatonic or chromatic harmonica (although
it doesn't yet handle valved bends or the Sub-30).  It has intelligent
handling of enharmonics to optimize breathing, with easy editing to change
the enharmonics if you don't agree with its choices.  It allows for several
different tab symbol schemes (arrows, plus/minus, up/down triangles, etc.)
and colored note tab schemes (my favorite!)

All this power comes at the cost of a steep learning curve.  Especially
when you consider that tabulation is just a snowflake on the tip of the
iceberg of what Harmony/Melody Assistant can do. (For example, singing the
lyrics of your songs with any number of computer generated voices or with
phonemes from samples of your own voice!  Or scatting your melodies in
solfege, or in bebop dialect!) But again, you've really got to dig under
the hood and invest some time to even begin to tap the powers of this

Harmony Assistant and it's little brother Melody Assistant are available
from Myriad-Online.Com.   It's very reasonably priced and a fully
functional free trial version is also available.

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