Re: [Harp-L] re:question for mike, re Robert plus kay amps

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your good-natured response to my coaxing! <grin> Yes your plans
ARE well thought out.

I use an effects processor right to the PA. I think ANY amp sound can be
modelled through current processor designs. (Didn't used to be so).

But as you said, there is something enjoyable about the touch, feel, and
direct localization of 2-12's pumping at you. My goals are to be heard, and
pack light.



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On Mon, Apr 1, 2013 at 11:15 AM, Brian McInnis <
bluesharpteacher@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks Robert
> with all due respect my questions are well thought out and specific.
> i have been to the ampless side, own an rp, like it and have used it  over
> time.
> don't you still need an amp with an rp? and there is nothing like a tube
> amp to me. plus not everywhere there is a pa system.  i can use my amp only
> or use my amp and pedals only, or my amp, pedals and PA.
> on a side note, i collect modern amps and have a growing collection of
> vintage Kay amps (all sizes), just working out a deal on one with 2x 12"s
> plus 2 x 5" tweeters with 35 watts 6l6s from 1963. (feels like christmas)i
> will put up a website about kay amps hopefully by this fall.
> btw, i also appreciate your other posts and your ideas about teaching and
> marketing.
> thanks,
> brian in brooklyn


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