[Harp-L] Re: Terminology: overblow, overdraw, overbend, blow-bend - Now upbend

Robert Hale writes:
Can anyone link me to the briefest, definitive  definitions?

Definitive might be a bit tricky, the terms in regard to bending  upward in 
pitch have been cobbled together quite haphazardly.    For what it's worth, 
my understanding is the following.

A draw bend  is a lowering in pitch of a draw note
An overdraw is a raising in pitch  of a draw note
A blow bend is a lowering in pitch of a blow note
An  overblow is a raising in pitch by bending, it sometimes refers  
specifically to blow notes but more often refers to any blown or drawn note  that 
is raised in pitch.  
An overbend is the same thing as an overblow, just a different  word.
I got a good chin, let me know if you disagree.
I think the term overblow is a bit confusing, it doesn't paint a clear  
picture of the technique of bending a note up in pitch.  It's my opinion  that 
the technique is more accurately described as being an UPBEND,  whether it 
occurs on a draw note or a blow note.
I guess I'm now campaigning for a  universal standardization in this 
terminology, from overblow to  upbend.  Anyone else like the idea? 
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