Re: [Harp-L] ANNOUNCEMENT: Suzuki & Brendan declare Amicable Split

Best of luck in your new endeavors Brendan!  You're a huge asset to the harmonica community!  Can't wait to see your next innovation.

David Pearce




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Suzuki Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co. Ltd. and Brendan Power wish to
formally announce the end of Brendan's five-year stint as Suzuki's
International Harmonica Specialist. It has been a very productive period for
Suzuki's harmonica department, with the release of many new models in whose
development and promotion Brendan played a big part: the Fabulous diatonic
and chromatic models, the Sirius chromatics, the Manji and Olive diatonics,
and most recently the ground-breaking Suzuki SUB30 UltraBend.


Suzuki's sales have risen significantly in the time since Brendan was hired,
and the company's profile has been enhanced by the respect he enjoys in the
worldwide harmonica community. For his side, Brendan has gained a lot in
many ways from the experience of working closely with one of the world's
premier harmonica manufacturers.


It is important to clarify that this is not a dismissal or a resignation,
but rather an amicable parting of ways. Although the decision was a tough
one to make, it was made mutually for the benefit of both parties. Brendan
has thoroughly enjoyed his time working for Suzuki but now wishes to pursue
his own specialist harmonica projects. Suzuki wishes him well in his new
direction, and the two parties will continue to cooperate in matters of
mutual interest.



Mr. Manji Suzuki & Brendan Power, 31/03/2013


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