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Sad to say, HarmonicaSessions is now history. About a month ago, Mel Bay company decided to discontinue its various (Name-of-instrument)Sessions webzines, including HarmonicaSessions. 

The contributing authors (myself included) authored farewell messages, but I see that they're not presently up on; I'm not sure when or where they'll appear.

Meanwhile, over on, former HarmonicaSessions columnists David Barrett, Kinya Pollard, Fritz Hasenpuch, and I are all contributing columnists and commentators. The site also features lessons, video interviews with a wide variety of renowned players, a discussion forum, and a lot of rich content.

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 From: Music Cal <macaroni9999@xxxxxxxxx>
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I enjoy reading the articles at Harmonica Sessions but this bimonthly
webzine has not had a new issue since the Dec-Jan issue, passing Feb-March
by. Does anybody know if the webzine is still healthy?

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