Re: [harp-L] positions you can use on diatonic

I mainly employ four positions. In order of usage they are:

2nd position, 3rd position, 1st position and 4th position.

The choice of position depends on the music. 2nd, 3rd and occasionally 1st position for blues. 1st position for fiddle tunes. 3rd and 4th position for minor tunes (e.g. Minor Swing).

An essential skill is to know the "scale degrees" for each position. For example, in 3rd position the root notes are the 1 draw, 4 draw and 8 draw, the 5th is the 3 draw double bend, 6 draw 10 draw and so on. It's not rocket science. When you know the scale degrees , then knowing where you are and what to play is much easier.

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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