RE: [Harp-L] positions you can use on diatonic

Not sure why harmonica positions would be applicable only to Blues music, historically they have been associated with many types of music besides Blues. For me, positions are a useful reference point for harmonica players because harmonicas come in 12 keys and most players switch harmonicas.  I agree that if you play everything on a C harp the concept of harmonica positions does not have much value, but that would be true regardless of the type of music.


> However, if you approach diatonic from a pure blues orientation, "position" does have its place. After all, its has been part of the blues harmonica lexicon for a loooong time.

> - when speaking about blues, positions can be useful, and made its proof, 
> especially if people is reluctant to any kind of theory. 
> - if one wants to play something else than Blues, notes & scales have definitely 
> their places. After all, it has been part of the musical lexicon for a much 
> longer time.

> Positions describe a way to play the Blues as it has been played for decades.
> If you try to apply this concept to something else, it just doesn't work, and it becomes much easier to learn what a scale is and how to use it on a tune. 

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