[Harp-L] Re: I'd Rather Go Blind

 "I´d rather go blind" is just a two chord vamp: I - II min; played in the original in A, I believe.
  Can´t help you w/ tab/horn lines right now, but can check later -- if no one else comes running to your rescue --, but as far as positions goes I´d say First, first, and Second second. 
  Not trying to be funny here but I really think that a song that gives you very available arpeggios in both the chords it uses sits well for 1 pos -- if played on a lower keyed harp, like A. (F could be bit squeky).
  When I do this song I just -- when not soloing -- play the octave 3-6 for the I chord and 2-4 for the II chord. Slight vibrato, going for the organ sound. C´est tout.
PS I assume you´re playing diatonic -- don´t know why I do that really: are we crowding out the chromaticists?
>Dear list, for some reason I can't figure out the tab or horn lines in the song by Etta James I'd Rather Go Blind. >What key harp and position fits the song the best?  Tabs if you have them would help as well. Any advice would >be helpful.

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